Employee Monitoring Software -You Need To Know

Employee monitoring software is one way to give business owners and managers more control and influence over how their employees spend their time at work. Below, we offer a brief explanation of how employee monitoring software works, some key features to look for, and some of the most important benefits.


As a business owner of the company with more than 100 employees, getting the most out of your employees is certainly an important and essential aspect of running a successful company. For the average business, labor cost percentages are anywhere between 20 and 35 percent of gross sales. Increasing productivity levels of your workforce, then, is a critical aspect of staying competitive and increasing your profit margins.

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee monitoring software is the generalized term for a number of digital solutions that can help business owners, manager, and human resource (HR) professionals increase their employee oversight capabilities. These software options can be tailored to different workforce environments and situations in order to give companies more control over how employees are spending their time and their level of engagement with work-related tasks. Furthermore, for businesses that operate with confidential and sensitive data and information, employee monitoring software can also help to ensure that employees are not improperly accessing or tampering this data.

In essence, employee monitoring software allows companies to more closely track employee activities while they are in the office or on the clock (in the case of remote employees). This not only creates a greater sense of transparency and accountability, but it can also be fundamental in increasing productivity levels and delivering visibility and traceability in the operations that your workforce is engaged in.

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Key Features 

One of the most advantageous facets of employee monitoring software programs is that they often include several features and capabilities. The multi-faceted nature of these programs allows for a greater integration of your overall employee management strategy. For example, employee monitoring software can be coupled with employee time and attendance tracking tools to make sure that your employees show up on time and get the work done that they are being paid to do.

Some of the most important features to look for in the top employee monitoring systems include:

  • 1. Task Management Capabilities  This basic feature allows managers to see which employees are working on given tasks at any given time. You can also factor in deadlines and target limits to ensure your workforce stays on task. This is a great tool for businesses who rely on remote employees working across the globe.
  • 2. Timesheets Of course, making sure your employees are at work is the most basic way to monitor their productivity. Timesheets can also be adapted for specific projects to follow the amount of time employees are dedicating to important tasks.
  • 3. Location Tracking: GPS tools can be used to make sure that employees are where they are supposed to be. This can be especially useful for companies that rely on deliveries. Instead of paying your employees to visit their friend´s party, this location tracking tool will make sure that delivery service is fast and efficient.
  • 4. Productivity Evaluation: Employee monitoring software can also include multiple analytic tools and reports for productivity evaluation. This can help you find weak elements of your workforce while also identifying areas where increased training can help you construct more competent and competitive employees.
  • 5. Alerts for Sensitive Data: For companies that want to protect sensitive and confidential data and information, alerts can be sent to key managers and members of the team when that information or data is being illicitly accessed by unauthorized members of your workforce.
  • Stealth Mode Tracking: Lastly, certain employee monitoring software also allow companies to track and monitor their employees without their knowledge. This practice might be illegal in some areas. However, where it is permitted, stealth mode tracking is a great tool to give insight into overall employee performance.

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The Benefits of Employee Tracking Software for Companies and Organizations

Employee monitoring software will obviously change the way you relate to your workforce. When workers know that they are being monitored, they will tend to reduce procrastination while increasing their performance and productivity levels. However, increased productivity is not the only benefit that comes with implementing this important digital too.

Employee monitoring software can give you important analytical data for learned insight. In many cases, if several employees show signs of waning productivity levels, the problem may be in how an office is set up or how you engage with given work tasks. Similarly, when trying out new tools, programs, or systems, employee monitoring software can essentially give you the ability to do a self-evaluation on the practicality, compensations, and returns on these new elements you are attempting to introduce.

Of course, employee monitoring software also allows for better selection and an improved delegation of your workforce. Through increased monitoring capabilities, you will be able to determine which employees have the best capabilities for given tasks. This can allow you to more effectively distribute and delegate tasks and responsibilities. Not only will this increase your productivity levels, but it can also increase employee satisfaction and enhance their natural talents and competences.