Run A Smoother Operation With An Attendance Roster

Small, medium and large teams can appreciate the benefits of using an attendance roster. Without the ease of a roster, your team will not run smoothly. Instead, everyone on staff will adjust to functioning in the midst of confusion.

Everyone will arrive and leave at-will while crucial shifts are not covered. Ultimately, your productivity levels will bleed into your bottom line. Work essential to meeting deadlines and employee expectations will be consistently missed.

attendance roster

To avoid such a chaotic scene, you need something more than what a simple paper timesheet system produces. Employees may arrive 20 minutes late, yet write down their original start time. Automatically, this leaves a 20 minute deficit in productivity numbers.

Although you may want to encourage freedom and self-reporting among employees, how do you overcome this deceptive tactic? A roster helps to put things in order with a faster and easier tool for preparing staff schedules.

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Get More from an Online Attendance Roster Application

Implementing a roster system to keep track of attendance practices will solve many of the problems your business encounters. Using an online application is extremely helpful when you have employees who frequently work outside of the office.

A straightforward system delivers effective, timesaving solutions. Whether you need to make changes or inform an entire department at once, everyone will be on the same page. With the online version of an attendance roster system, you can:

  • Send changes via email
  • Communicate through smartphones and/or tablets
  • Send annual leave approvals

In addition, you are never burdened with printing multiple versions of schedules when last minute changes are made. Just a few clicks and your staff will know what is necessary to keep things running smoothly.

Deliver rosters to employees’ mobile phones so there are no surprises. They know when they are expected at work. More importantly, you will know if they are late. Corrections to their time, in accordance with your company’s attendance policy, are never an issue.

You are not relying on memory or paper tracking. Instead, you have an automated system that is accessible from anywhere in the world. Compare weekly rosters to determine job costing and future scheduling needs.

Replace Microsoft Excel with an Efficient Roster System

Once you decide that what you get from an Excel spreadsheet is not enough, look no further than an attendance roster system. Full benefits from this system promises:

  • A complete roster in minutes – no more time-wasting exercises in creating and refining staff schedules
  • Flexible viewing of rosters – capture data based on positions, departments or employees
  • Send changes to staff – notify effected personnel immediately whenever a change in scheduling is necessary. This could be due to an emergency or time off requests. Everyone knows about the changes at the same time.
  • Keep a balanced budget – hours and costs are calculated as you create the rosters to ensure you stay within budget. This feature also highlights what may cause you to exceed the labor budget.
  • Have real-time attendance information – constant updates ensures there are no surprises for you and department managers

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Efficient Operations Begin with a Better Attendance System

Poor attendance habits does more than sap your operational budget. It affects employee morale and can negatively impact business relations with customers. The last thing you want is to stand idly by and watch things go from bad to worse.

That is why arming yourself with the latest in time and attendance technology is good for your company and employees. An attendance roster puts you in control of crucial information to make smart business decisions.

Obviously, you do not want to place high-dollar accounts in the hands of employees who frequently call out. Once employees submit their availability – if this is part of your business practices – you can create schedules to ensure full coverage.

Creating your own rules and having the technology to back up those rules empowers you to maintain a health work environment. Not only are employees informed, but you are more confident in work assignments when decisions are made with reliable data.

Features that often come with controlling the roster include:

  • Reminders for employee schedules and availability
  • Compatible app with smartphones and tablets
  • Easy-to-use system eliminates the time-consuming learning curve

Sharing the roster is just as easy through email notifications. Manager can work more efficiently without constant interruptions. Employees are not constantly inquiring about when they are scheduled to work.

Time off requests are also simplified, which helps to keep employees happy. There are no extended delays in getting an approval or denial about requested days off. Therefore, employees can proceed with their plans without slowing down productivity at work.