Strategies Entrepreneurs can use to Stay Disciplined

Self-discipline is not a magic power. It’s a learned behavior that can be mastered through specific strategies.


Eat healthy and exercise:

No, don’t take our advice like just another tip that you CAN follow. We’ve kept this first because this should be a priority. Best-seller author Seth Godin drinks a healthy smoothie every single day. Eating right won’t make you a millionaire. But it will improve your productivity, your energy and motivation to work throughout the day.

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Don’t wait for inspiration:

The difference between amateurs and professionals really boils down to one simple thing: amateurs wait for it feels right. Unlike professionals, they don’t have the grit to start working every single morning even if the circumstances aren’t right. Sticking to your schedule no matter how awkward and uncomfortable it is, is key. Fix a time and work every day in that time slot. Don’t leave the desk until you’ve done what you wanted.

Prioritise tasks:

Every successful entrepreneur has done this. You may have a to-do list. But do you rank the tasks on your list? Accomplish those tasks first which require the most effort and discipline from you. Keep less important tasks for later. This way you’ll be less stressed throughout the day.

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Reward yourself intermittently:

If you never reward your effort, you’ll run out of motivation. Working hard for too long will drain your productivity and will make you feel more disappointed. Instead, plan little breaks and treats for yourself.

Self-discipline will not only make you stay on top of your goals but also make you happier with your life. Mastering self-discipline isn’t a one-time thing. You need to work at it every day.